About us

 Husband and Wife team.
Together we've always been fascinated by exploring what there is outside of these concrete jungles. It started with a simple camping trip, completely unprepared. Since then it taught us values on what's essential. No matter how hard we worked on our 9-5 jobs, we've always felt like something was still missing. Thus creating, The Trails Republic. A comfortable apparel line for your everyday experience. It's solely not just about our apparel, it's far greater than that. It's a message.
To the gearhead or to the modern day explorer. The occasional wrench sessions in the Texas heat, to the yearly meet up with friends in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. It's about the family you make in your life, whether they're blood or not. Those laughs you share when something just horribly goes wrong. It's always important to just take a minute to yourself and hit pause. Go outside, get some air. Take it all in. No matter what it is you do, do something great and leave your mark.
Imagine, create, and explore
The Trails Republic EST. 2017